Noa All is well Lyrics


All is well Songtext

Lyrics: Noa
Music: Noa + Gil Dor

All is well

Another day, another small town
A summer breeze
The bougainvillea is still in bloom
His room

(phone rings, no-one answers)

The morning comes, they take their showers
They go to work, they do their hours
It's a routine
they lean on.

(Phone rings, no-one answers)

His books are on the shelf (It doesn't matter what we do
Craving curious finger it will never leave us
His favourite after-shave time that used to pass
has now stopped )
Lingers still....

(phone rings, no-one answers)

The evening news, they hear them saying
Tonight's the game, his team is playing
They go to bed

(Phone rings, no-one answers)

Out in the quiet street
one stray dog is crying
and if their eyes don't meet
all is well.

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