Masterboy Is This The Love Lyrics

Is This The Love Songtext

Is this the love
I got to feel the music
Is this the love - watching you, watching me
Is this the love

Rap 1:
Come in this place, and saw you face
I saw dancing, dance to trance
your body's swing, made my bells ring
I wished that we start romance
all the people in the house
they share our destination
love groove dance and sex
that's party combination
burn, burn, our hearts burn
to the point of no return
burn, burn, our hearts burn
to the point of no return
Move, move on and on
come on people get it done

Rap 2:
Time is right to get all up
feel the music's energy
this dance will bring us to the top
forget all days mistery
nightime makes us sensitive
for dance and sex and laughter
forget about all negative
and get the things you're after
come on - come on, get it done
come on - come on, get it done
sensitive, you're sensitive
forget about all negative
feel the music's power now
come close to me I'll show you how
music's beat flys through the air
here, there and everywhere
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