LeAnn Rimes

LeAnn Rimes You Made Me Find Myself Lyrics

You Made Me Find Myself Songtext

Bet you thought my world was over
Bet you thought I'd crash and burn
You thought I'd never
Pick myself up off the floor
But baby you were wrong
Just like before

I used to breath you
I used to need you
I used to hang on every word that you say
It used to please you
To try to make me someone else
And I thank you from my heart for your help
Cause You made me find myself

I used to think if I surrendered
I'd be the perfect one for you
But I swear I can't remember
One single day of happiness with you

Repeat Chorus

No I'm not going back in time
And there's a price for being strong
But I can live with who I am

Repeat Chorus

You made me find my dreams
You made me find my love
You made me find myself
Thank you - Thank you
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