Keane Leaving So Soon? Lyrics


Leaving So Soon? Songtext

Ah, ah ah, ah ah, ah! 2x

You must think I'm a fool
So prosaic and awkward and all
D'you think you've got me down?
D'you think I've never been out of this town?

Do I seem too eager to please to you now?
You don't know me at all
I can't turn it on, turn off like you now
I'm not like you now

Now that you're here
I bet you're wishing you could disappear
I'm trying to be kind
I get the feeling you're just killing time

You look down on me
Don't you look down on me now
You don't know me at all
A slap in the face
In the face for you now
Just might do now

You're leaving so soon
Never had a chance to bloom
But you were so quick
To change your tune
Don't look back
If I'm a weight around your neck
'Cos if you don't need me
I don't need you

Ah, ah ah, ah ah, ah! 2x

Leaving so soon, soon
Leaving, leaving so soon


Ah, ah ah, ah ah, ah!
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