Junia It's funny Lyrics

It's funny Songtext

Oh sugar sugar honey
Gonna have some fun
Let's go before the sun
Gets on the midnight run
Oh sugar sugar honey
Guess you know the song
Come on now come along
You know you can't go wrong

So take it easy - if you want more
Our DJ's hot and that's for sure

It's funny so funny
Come on keep me smiling honey
We wanna show that we got style
It's funny so funny
We'll make the grey day sunny
Yaeh the feelin's right
Party's gonna blast the livelong night

Oh sugar sugar honey
Baby we don't care
We'll party anywhere
Just knock and we'll be there
Oh sugar sugar honey
Now of that's not cool
Just take achance of school
Jump in the party pool



Ah... It's funny - so funny (4x)


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