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Water (A Snapshot) Songtext

well, i just need you to know that there are a lot of things i like to tell you about, but i can´t, because i merely got through it. and even if you´re something from my deeper inner self what you don´t deserve. sometimes i´m just feeling that i just get stuck in a one way road. i´m sad, because
i have the feeling that you´re definitely not feeling allright, but i can´t see why, but we´ll keep the option that you gonna tell me some way. i don´t know, well is this your sorrow or is it just you´re wanna tell
me that i´m busted (busted). i never knew if you realised it all, or is it just something that we all miss. i don´t know what to do, but i do know even if there are a lot of these thoughts there´s just no possibility for me to handle it any longer, i really do love you

i yes i
i love you
i know i hurt you so
i´m empty and cold
black shone like gold that night
so i lost myself again

i never ever could imagine that i would
act to this worse sometime in my life.
it´s no longer me anymore, it´s just
a tiny shadow that is desperately trying
to find out why it went wrong. it´s just reading your lyrics makes me feel
miserable and myself helpless because
i don´t understand why you´re feeling
that way. someday you ask me what it is
about you that makes me feel uncertain
about your love and by that time i will
know. but now i know that it is a fact that you´re not talking to me. you don´t show me anything of your inner most, not your informitence, i never hear to be quick. cause i´m asking myself all day, what i did that you´re not able to talk to me. but i´m not able to find out right now, all i know
is that i really can not. cause i don´t want to meet you and i don´t know what to recognize. all i heard from you last month was just a dream, it was just a dream, was just a dream. and i deeply shiver from my inner most.
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