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Eddie Cochran Twenty Flight Rock Lyrics


Twenty Flight Rock Songtext

Well I got a girl with a record machine,
When it comes to rockin´ she´s a queen,
We love to dance on a Saturday night,
all alone where I can hold her tight
But she lives on the twentieth floor up town, The elevator´s broken down.

So I walk one two flight,three flight four, Five six seven flight, eight flight more,
Up to the tweltfh I´m startin´to drag, Fifteenth floor I´m startin´to sag,
Get to the top, I´m too tired to rock.

(She)called me up on the telephone,
Said come on over Baby I´m all alone.
I said baby you´re mighty sweet,
But I´m in bed with the aching feet,
This went on for a couple of days,
But I couldn´t stay away.

So I walk......

They sent to Chicago for repairs,
Till it´s fixed I´m using the stairs,
Hope they hurry before it´s too late,
I love my baby too much to wait,
All this climbin´is gettin´ me down,
They´ll find me hangin´over a rail

So I walk......

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