Dropkick Murphys

Dropkick Murphys Which side are you on? Lyrics

Which side are you on? Songtext

our father was a union man
some day i´ll be one,too
the bosses fired daddy,
waht´s our family gonna do?

come all you good workers
good news to you i´ll tell
of how the good old union
has come in here to dwell

which side are you on?
which side are you on?

my daddy was a miner
and i´m a miner´s son
and i´ll stick with the union
´til every battles won

they saw in harlan county
there are no neutrals there
you´ll either be a union man
or a thug for j.h. blair

oh workers, can stand it?
oh tell how you can
will you be a lousy scab
or will you be a man?
don´t scrab for the bosses
don´t listen to their lies
us poor folks haven´t got a chance
unless we organize

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