Caught In The Act

Caught In The Act Silently Lyrics


Silently Songtext

You have looked my way and oh
I never get the chance to say
what´s been on my mind all day.
Oh you - thought its only been a moment,
I feel I´ve known you a thousand days
girl you take my breath away oh you

I´ve been dreaming fo you night and day
since I saw your face
and lost my heart forever
hopin´I can find a way
to open up your eyes and see-
I´ve been waiting for you silently.

I - I will follow in your shadow
where you go I will try to be,
praying that you´ll notice me,
´cause I haven´t got a life without you.
When you look into my eyes
I´m gonna make you realize - it´s me


waiting for you, waiting for you - silently

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