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Coming home Songtext

All those nights i´ve spent alone
uninspired and too tired wasted
there´s lots of times i´ve telephoned
i couln´t find the words to say
i´m coming home-i´m coming home

i´l lmake it short i´ll make it sweet
make it up to you i mean it
i´m not the same guy i used to be
can i do to make you believe it
i´m coming home-i´m coming home

only seemes like yesterday
you and i werde saying goodbye
now i´m just a few miles away
gotta see ya tonight

i´ve been alone and i lived the pain
i reached for you in desperation
i was wrong i´ll take the blame
i need you back now i just can´t wait
i´m coming home yeah-i´m coming home
won´t you wait.....i´m coming home

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