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The Mark Songtext

I have a mark on me
Like a brand on my skin
That only I can see
I don't know what it means
I get caught up in dreams
I feel like runnin' away
Yeah, so let's run away
Sometimes you're gonna have to get lost
If you're ever gonna find your way back to where you came from
And if we go there they'll just want us to bleed
Yeah, but it's never enough, it's never enough, it's never enough

So cut up the heart

and watch the world burn down
Let's tear it apart
Let's leave a mark
Let's leave a mark

And I found the footprints
Surrounding the snow
I ended up doing circles
And came back home
Where I started to find
That everything was a sign
And all that mattered was
That this fuckin fire is mine
Sometimes you gonna have to die
If you're ever gonna find your way back to where your life is
If need is a fist and love is a flame
I'm gonna smash it and burn it cuz' it's all the same
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