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Would you change, I have, fallen in love with you, anyway
We suffer, we suffer, I suffer, we suffer, you'll suffer now

Have a dance, I will easily lose it anyway
(We're dancing, we're dancing, I'm dancing, we're dancing, your dancing now)

shouty bit
Love makes some things taste good not all just you I love your style you hate my lies
In time always you suffer

In the shadows of your eyes you look like God, I will be right here
When your life's been shattered, embrace your emotion, I will be right

If even the stars, fall from your eyes, revolve as they burn in the night
Reach with your mind, never goodbye, take me away from you all

Winter's long dance, lovely construction, it's all a part of you now
Watch it implode your ghostly possession will always possess you

Infinity lies! Save yourself!
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