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Bastiaan Ragas Straight From The Heart Lyrics

Straight From The Heart Songtext

Straight From The Heart

I just wanna let you know
That my love is for real, yeah

We've only just begun
To find out what went wrong
Because with every beat of my heart
I do pray, will you stay
Will you hold me again
Let's go back
Let's take our time
Here is what I want you to know

Straight from the heart
Girl, my love is for real
I still believe in you
Straight from the heart
That is all I can do
I still believe in me and you
Won't you give me a chance
To show you how I feel
Cause I wanna love you again

Let's talk of usa gain
Find out just where we stand
What it means, how it seemed
When we were so far apart
Let's go back
And take our time
Here is what I want you to know


Ooh will you love again
Straight from the heart
Ooh will you love from the heart
Will you love again
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