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Take Me Higher Songtext

credit-cards and fake i.d's?
shopping-malls and pay-t.v. ?
word around we'll all meet after dark!
get some sleep while its still light?
lets just make the wrong seem right?
don't you know
that you can't keep me down!!
i believe that I can fly?
see the world just pass me by?
break away from all that made me frown!!
chocolate-bars and gasoline?
where the hell is catering???!
?who you 're lookin' at?!??? can't keep me down!!
(so) take me higher?
take me anywhere you wanna go!
'cause I'm on fire?
burning to go anywhere you go!
city life or mountain tops?
mobile phones and acid drops?
i feel high, but I'll stay underground!
always right and never wrong?
knowing where I don't belong!
don't you know that you can't keep me down!!
(so) take me higher?

and if you could see me here?
you'd understand?
my life becomes so clear?
cause its all?in my hands? for real!!!
(so) take me higher?
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